Talking Real Money

The compounding power of patience and discipline.

Episode Summary

Through good times and bad, patient, steady investing has paid.

Episode Notes

Tom and Don dissect Paul Merriman’s article about accumulative investments and again confirm the power of compounding and patience! They talk to callers about the pros and cons of actively managed funds, why index funds are still a good way of investing your money and why you should be skeptical of the perplexing zero cost funds. We also touch on retirement money and the tax considerations when it comes to switching funds, always keeping your best interests at the forefront of the conversation.

The payback of keeping money in an accumulative investment despite ups and downs.

Weighing up low cost index funds against actively managed mutual funds.

Thoughts on investing in Vanguard’s Wellesley Income Fund and STAR Fund.

The misconceptions around active investing versus passive and index investing.

Find out why you have to be uncomfortable around free funds.

The only time it might make sense to touch your retirement money.

Tax implications for rolling over a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA.

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