Talking Real Money

Still not acting in your best interests.

Episode Summary

The SEC, once again, fails to rein in greedy, ​opaque​ financial "advisors."

Episode Notes

Last week, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted on Regulation Best Interest (BI). You need to know how to protect yourself from being exploited by your “financial advisor” under this new rule and in this episode, we show you how. Here, we delve into the new Regulation Best Interest (BI) rule and Form CRS, and what this means in the “best interest” of you, the client. By the end of this episode, you’ll know what to be wary of when selecting your financial advisor and how to catch BS clauses that your existing financial advisor may throw at you – before they hit the fan.

Yes, maybe you can take money from your 401(k) before 59-1/2.

Discover what Regulation BI entails.

Learn more about Form CRS.

Beware: Fiduciaries are now at a lower standard.

Is your advisor also a fiduciary?

The problem with broker-sold products.

Don’t be misled by equity indexed-annuities.

FINRA’s equity indexed-annuities alert.

Learn more about surrender charges.

Why insurance companies are not for investing.

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